Since 1997, Airflow has earned a powerful reputation by consistently delivering the basics of our business

Do the job right.

We’re committed to integrity, excellence, and craftsmanship. That means you get honest advice, expert installation and service, and exceptional customer care.

Treat customers right.

We do everything we can to earn your trust—and to keep it. We respect your priorities, your time, and your property. Your 100% satisfaction is always our goal.

Deliver value.

Our 20+ years of experience and savvy use of today’s technology mean you get the best HVAC thinking, systems, and service—all with responsive scheduling and reasonable prices.

HVAC Services

If you are a resident of Chicago, North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA, you can make your home an oasis of cool air on hot summer days and make it warm and cozy even when the temperatures outside drop to their lowest. AirFlow Heating and Air Conditioning is here to make this dream a reality.

For over 20 years, we have been serving Chicago residents and providing unmatched professional HVAC solutions to homes, offices, and commercial establishments. During this time, we have built a strong reputation in North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA. As such, we boast of a long list of happy customers in our portfolio.

We work with a team of highly skilled, experienced & courteous specialists who work round the clock to ensure each of our clients is comfortable. Once the team assigned to you gets on location, you can be sure that your systems will be up and running in no time.

To make sure that your projects are done well, on time, and within your budget, we use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Our technicians also keep up-to-date with trends in the industry by attending regular in-service training. This way, we are always able to offer you high-quality services that are at par with modern industry standards.

Our customer support is top of the range. With a team of experienced & courteous experts, we will serve you warmly and listen to your concerns before advising you on the best solution. We also have flexible schedules to suit your convenience. You can call and expect our response 24/7, any time of the year.

Safety tops the list of our concerns when serving Chicago residents and the business community. That is why we only work with certified, licensed, and insured specialists. Our safety, the safety of our equipment, and that of your site is our responsibility for the time that we are undertaking your project.

Chicago Local HVAC Technicians

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Services For All Homes, Multi-Family & Commercial buildings  Needs. Our Certified Technicians Provide Seasonal Inspections, Repairs & Installations Plus More.

So, how do you determine who a good HVAC professional is in Chicago, Illinois?

Here is what to look out for:

  • Extensive technical knowledge

Contract a company with the best knowledge in AC systems. Your project may require more than one specialized technician to install, maintain, or repair it. It is important to have a provider who is a one-stop-shop for all your problems.

  • Safe work procedures

Be keen on the work procedures of your AC professionals. You do not want unnecessary injuries, damaged equipment, or avoidable damages on your site. Prioritize safety.

  • Great customer support

Hire technicians serving Chicago and Northern Illinois who will treat you with respect, behave professionally, create a responsive environment, and respect your site. You should be at ease to question any aspect of the project and get proper explanations.

  • Patience

No matter how challenging the project becomes, your technician should maintain his or her composure. It should not bother him or her that you are supervising the project closely. Your technician should also be ready to explain to you if the project is behind schedule or if there are any adjustments on the project plan.

When serving Chicago, we ensure you get all that and more. Not only will we do the work well, we will also do it fast, within your schedule, and keep within your budget.

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Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Our Services


We design, install, maintain and repair all furnace and AC appliances. When the thermostat in your HVAC system malfunctions, for instance, we will fix it for you professionally. For the maintenance of the filters in your system, trust our team to do the job perfectly.

We are your near me experts for all your heating-related problems in North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA. We serve retail chains, hospitals, law firms, commercial centers, and residential areas.

Call us and let our certified technicians handle the job with expertise and devotion. We are available on call 24/7 to answer your heating-related emergencies or regular furnace and AC maintenance calls so that you can save money by preventing future more costly issues later.

Air conditioning

We have a team of in-house air conditioning experts who are available whenever you need configuration, installation, recharging, repairs, as well as coil cleaning and replacement in North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA. For all your central AC solutions for hospitals, law firms, commercial establishments, and residential buildings, we are your go-to, near me, one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning needs.

Indoor air quality

We will do indoor air quality testing, air cleaner configuration, dehumidifier installation, and servicing at affordable rates. With our top rated dehumidifier installation, inspections, servicing, and repair, you are sure to always get decontaminated fresh air to your office, business, or home. With our professional installations and repair routines, we will ensure your furnace and air conditioning systems are always efficient to avoid contaminating your air.


Preventive maintenance plans

One of the benefits of maintaining your HVAC system regularly is that you save money by preventing future more costly issues later. Any faults in the system are detected before they escalate and cause problems that are more serious. For instance, we will install a top rated thermostat in your system to keep it working at optimal levels.


Our team is keen on details and knowledgeable; they will detect even the slightest defects on your system, repair it, and leave your central AC in good working order. Call your near me company and together we can draft a maintenance plan for your central AC.



At AirFlow Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide financing options for your HVAC project. As such, you won’t have to wait for too long to install a system in North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA for lack of funds. Talk to us and we will come up with a workable solution that will see you install the system you need.


Why Choose AirFlow Heating and Air Conditioning?


  • We have a highly skilled manpower
  • Our technicians work with modern equipment and technology
  • Our quality is unmatched
  • Enjoy professional customer support
  • You benefit from our financing options
  • We are available round the clock
  • The teams serving Chicago are responsive and efficient


Call us today to get a free quote, flexible scheduling, and excellent customer support in North Shore Chicago & Northern Illinois USA.

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