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Trane XL19i
Built to be the Very Best!
Airflow offers a complete line of Trane products. Trane builds products and components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technology available. Their manufacturing meets the tightest specifications and the highest standards. Trane offers several categorles of Air Conditioners whIch Include Ultra EffIciency, Super Efficiency, High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency.

Trane XV9O
Variable Speed Furnace
All winter long, you depend on your furnace to meet the
heating needs of your home and your family. That’s why we offer Trane furnaces to perform again and again, year after year. Beyond performance, we also provide you with options for energy-efficient operation. In fact, some of our furnaces operate at over 90% efficiency, which means that 90% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted Into heat for your home.

Trane Air Handlers
Smart Technology
Versatile Comfort
Variable Speed Convertible
An air handler is an important part of your home’s
comfort system. Your central air conditioning system
consists of two main parts—an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit and Its job is to effectively circulate conditioned air throughout your home. When matched with a heat pump, it circulates both cool and hot air, depending on the season. With properly sized Trane air handlers, your family has the right amount of clean, comfortable air all year round.

Plus, Trane air handlers make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your system. That’s because the more efficient your air handler is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable. Trane offers several different Air Handlers which include Variable Speed Air Tite Convertible, Standard Air Tite Convertible and TWG Convertible.

Below are just some of our popular models
The Honeywell humidifier pad in a drum unit is mounted to a motorized cylindrical drum. The motor rotates the pad through a reservoir of water, picking
up moisture. Air is bypassed from the supply side, passed through the wetted pad to become humidified and mixed with the return air.
The most popular type of humidifiers are the flow-through type. Called "flow-through" because a portion of the air from the supply side of the furnace
is detoured to force it across a wetted humidifier pad.
The humidified air is then routed back to the return side of the furnace, blended with air from the cold air returns, heated by the furnace and delivered to the conditioned space.
The Aprilaire Model 400 bypass humidifier is the newest addition to the line. It uses new evaporative technology to minimize water use, eliminate standing
water and provide comfortable humidified air throughout your home. Gravity pulls water down, while the wicking action of the water panel draws it back to the top, using 100% of the water delivered to
the unit. it’s the perfect choice for homes with septic systems, locations where a floor drain is not available or for families Interested in water conservation. Plus, it's computer technology and innovative design makes it effortless to operate and simple to maintain.

Electronic Air Cleaner
The Most Effective
Air Purification
System Ever Made
Ask About the Trane CleanEffects...
  • Eliminates allergens which can trigger
    allergies and asthma throughout your home
  • Unparalleled Clean Air Delivery Rate at
    1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • Drastically outperforms all HEPPA filters and
    ionic devices.
  • Easily installs with your existing major brand heating system

Indoor air pollution Is now considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be America's #1 health problem because the air you breath indoors is now upwards of five times more polluted than the air outside.

The average home generates upwards of 80 pounds of dust per year mixed with trillions of microscopic organisms such as dust mites, pollen, bacteria and viruses. These allergens plug up your nose, cascade down your throat and embed themselves into your lungs causing allergies, asthma and illness.


Trane offers a complete line of programmable and nonprogrammable comfort controls to meet your needs. Each has been designed to maximize the performance of Trane’s heating and air conditioning systems with reliable, accurate temperature control. And, not only are they easy to use, they’re also easy on the eye. With an attractive, streamlined design, our thermostats will fit beautifully into any home’s decor. Airflow can help you select the model that’s right for your system and your lifestyle.

TAYSTAT300C – single-stage heat
(gas or electric) and cool

Deluxe Model Programmable Thermostat

  • Seven (7) day with copy or 24 hour programming or no programming
  • Outdoor temperature display - optional accessory - TAYSENS1 OOA
  • Bright back lit display
  • Filter clean/replacement key
  • No batteries required. Super cap continues clock for up to 30 minutes
  • Programming functions stored in permanent memory
  • Manual or auto changeover
  • Minimum compressor run time
  • Comfort enhancing droop
  • 3 - 10 degrees F dead band between heating and up to 30 minutes
  • Conventional or adaptive intelligent recovery
  • Min and max heating range
  • Min and max cooling range
  • Daylight savings time key
  • Programmable fan - fan can be programmed in the "on" or "auto" mode for each period
  • Vacation/leave program,will hold vacation/leave temperature for up to 256 days
  • Five minute time delay for compressor protection
  • Field temperature re-calibration offset
TAYSTAT34O - single-stage heat
(gas or electric)/cool
5/2 Programmable Thermostats

These thermostats have two programming options. Monday - Friday (5) is one program and Saturday/Sunday (2) is the second program. There are four set points per day (wake, leave, return and sleep) for heat and cool.

TAYSTAT37O - single-stage heat (gas)/cool
Non Programmable Thermostats

  • Heat/Off/Cool System Switch
  • Auto/On Fan Switch
  • Manual Changeover
  • Digital Display
  • No Batteries
  • Five Minute Time Delay for Compressor Protection
  • Permanent Temperature Setting Retention
  • Adjustable Heating Cycle Rate
Hot Water Heaters
Whether you’re replacing a worn-out existing water heater or looking for the best model for a new house you’re building, It pays to choose carefully. Airflow will help you choose a water heater that satisfies your hot water needs and uses as little energy as possible.

Airflow Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer outstanding products by A.O. Smith... Innovative leaders in the arena of residential and commercial water heating technology.

Conservationist® Gas Water Heaters
Save with our most energy-efficient models!

If you’re needing maximum energy savings and reliability, choose our top-of-the-line Conservationists®. Its DynaCIean II system is your safeguard against lime and sediment buildup. And its Blue Diamond glass coating delivers more than twice the corrosion resistance of Industry-standard glass lining.

ProMax® Gas Water Heaters
Delivering high efflciency...meeting high demand!

The ProMax family offers a wide range of water heating solutions — from models that help you qualify for gas utility rebates to high recovery models ideal for large families with high demand for hot water. All ProMax water heaters are engineered to help lower your energy bills and provide exceptional reliability. They go the extra mile in safety innovation with C3 Technology that protects against accidental ignition of flammable vapors. Our ProMax SL “side loop" models are designed to handle both water heating and space heating in your home.


Air Duct Cleaning


When was the last time you saw what
was circulating in the air you breath?

Dirty duct systems are a major source of indoor air pollution. Every time a home uses it’s heating and cooling system, millions of contaminants are pulled into the ducts where they build up over time. This creates an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. These harmful particles are eventually pushed back out with ever increasing density into the air your family breathes. and can trigger allergies, asthma and other possible health related Issues over time.

These particles can also get clogged up in the filters and working parts of your heating and air conditioning equipment, harming their overall performance and energy efficiency. This leads to higher repair and maintenance costs, and shorter service life in the long run. According to the EPA, a build-up of only 0.42" of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can decrease efficiency by 21%.

Air duct cleaning is a proactive solution to these problems. it can enhance Indoor air quality, improve overall air circulation, eliminate built-up dirt and contaminants, and extend the life of heating and cooling systems.



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